About Adapteo

Buildings for an adaptable future

At Adapteo, we offer state of the art adaptable building solutions, to the public and private sector. We build, rent out and sell adaptable buildings for a few days or indefinitely. We can transform, repurpose, scale up, scale down and even move our buildings in the matter of weeks by using a modular and circular building concept.

We provide an
ideal building each time

As the leading flexible real estate provider in Northern Europe, we offer adaptable buildings that help our customers manage uncertainty. We are passionate about the impact the right kind of environment have on people spending time in a building. Therefore, we strive to offer the right solution to any function, to suit your specific needs. Our modular and circular building concept gives you a sustainable solution each time.

We are an experienced partner

With a large portfolio of adaptable buildings and a long experience in the construction and real estate industry, for both rental and permanent use, we help you to solve all kinds of building needs, on your terms. As our customer you focus on the essentials and leave all building-related issues for us to handle.

We contribute to a sustainable future

We are very conscious about the environment and in doing our share to preserve it. By building energy-efficient adaptable buildings and striving to reduce our environmental footprint in every way possible, we want to make a difference for generations to come.

We find out what you need

At Adapteo we always start by listening. We help you navigate your various choices, to make sure you have exactly what you need, when and where you need it. Our industry-leading expertise and local presence means you can rely on us, not just for trusted delivery, but also as a partner helping you every step of the way.




Markets (Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Lithuania, Belgium and the Netherlands)

1,3 million

Squaremetres (sqm) to rent


Sales in 2021

Adapteo is a certified company

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