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We are working towards a more sustainable future – together. Our solutions cover the needs of people throughout the entire lifecycle – from children at daycare and people in the middle of their careers to the elderly. We contribute to a well-functioning society. And by being aware of everything we do – from climate-smart choices to take our social responsibility – we create a sustainable, resource efficient, and safe future.

We accelerate together

We have a genuine commitment to our work and are united by a common drive to excel our customers’ expectations. By supporting each other and sharing ideas and expertise with our colleagues, we have established a collaborative culture. It is an allowing environment where everyone is listened to and is able to influence the success of our business.

We are a solid company with a growth mindset

We have a great opportunity to take a strong position in an emerging market – and the ability to create something amazing from scratch, guided by a common vision. Being a well-established company gives us extra strength. The entrepreneurial spirit in our company allows us to be innovative, daring and to find the best ways through trial and error – always with customers on top of mind.

We love flexibility

Flexibility means a lot to us. It is not just the core of our business idea. We act flexible, are forward-thinking, and open to new learning – constantly adapting to our customer’s needs and the world around us. Further, we thrive in our flexible work environment where we are empowered by our leaders and trusted to do an excellent job.

Key Behaviours

  • 01 Proactive

  • To be one step ahead, we look to the future and are open to learning new things. We are flexible, solution-oriented and want to contribute to the development of our company. Exceeding our customers’ expectations is always top of mind.

  • 02 Collaborative

  • We have a common approach to Adapteo’s mission and work as a team. We are openminded and supportive towards each other and share expertise between us.

  • 03 Committed

  • We have a positive can-do attitude and are passionate and confident about our work. We are transparent and honest. Together, we take responsibility for reaching our goals and creating success.


Open positions

No current jobs from Adapteo Group