Sustainability at Adapteo

Making a difference now and for the future

At Adapteo, we value the environment and do our share to preserve it. By building energy-efficient buildings and making sure that our production has a controlled environmental footprint, we contribute to adaptable and sustainable societies. A sustainable construction and real estate industry is vital for the creation of sustainable societies. At Adapteo, we work to be a driver of this transition, with a circular business model and constant focus on resource efficiency.

Adapteo builds for circularity

All adaptable buildings can be relocated if needed. When renting an adaptable building from Adapteo, you take part in a circular economy concept, and  you make sure that the building gets a new lease of life somewhere else when you no longer need it. Circularity at its best!

Constructing and demolishing traditional buildings has always had a significant environmental impact to the society, but with adaptable buildings that are using a modular building technique and can be re-used, the impact is far less.

Energy-efficient buildings

Our buildings are engineered to deliver best-in-class energy efficiency through a combination of roof design, insulation, LED light, high performance windows and doors. High-specification design together with precision construction and a heat recovery ventilation system gives top-class energy efficient buildings.

Climate smart buildings

Our units used for schools, offices, healthcare and accommodation are all made from sustainable wood sources, which enable environmental benefits. Wood has a lower climate impact compared to other building materials such as concrete and steel. A building made of wood has significantly lower CO2-emissions than a comparable concrete building, for premises around 35-40% according to one study, making wood more sustainable than almost any other building material.

Adapteo’s industrial building concepts enable a sustainable and systematic approach to resource use and waste prevention, using a LEAN-process.

Saving energy

We have made saving energy easy. Buildings from Adapteo have smart features to reduce energy requirements, such as heat recovery, time-controlled ventilation, presence-controlled lighting, individual heat control and temperature reduction at night, weekends and holidays. Heat- and ventilationsystems can be connected to a cloudservice for monitoring and control.

Sustainable societies

With buildings that can meet the ever-changing needs from its users, we drive and enable societal change. With adaptable buildings you can use the room you have to its full potential without utilising more resources than needed, always with people and planet in mind.

Adaptable buildings are designed to be accessible and barrier-free, ensuring a safe, functional and inclusive environment to accommodate specific user needs.

Adapteo contributes to UN SDGs

We have identified five UN Sustainable development goals to which we contribute, ranging from inclusive education, through resilient infrastructure and sustainable use of resources to actions to combat climate change. You can learn more about our approach to them and our work for sustainability on the Adapteo group website and in the leaflet Sustainability 2020.

Want to learn more about adaptable buildings?

Please contact us for more information or any guidance on your  needs. We will find the ideal solution to your specific buildings needs.