Daycare buildings

Work and Play in Adaptable daycare facilities

A good day for a child in daycare consists of playing, learning, sleeping and eating tasty meals. Buildings for daycare centres have to include space for all of these functions. Adapteo knows how to provide it. Adapteo’s daycare buildings are, first and foremost, safe and healthy, and provide a bright and secured future for the youngest ones of our society.

Flexible way of getting new space

Adapteo’s daycare facilities offer a cost-effective, low-maintenance and quick solution for a need of daycare space. We offer daycare facilities for a few days or indefinitely. Our buildings are based on a modular and circular building technique and can be adapted if your needs change. Whether you need to expand, renovate, move, or for something else, adaptable buildings for daycare centres provide the right functions – on your terms.

Cosy daycare space for a good day

Today’s solutions for temporary needs are nothing but the barracks of the past. The adaptable buildings are all modern and functional facilities for daycare centres. Adapteo’s daycare facilities are full of light, colorful furniture, and the sound environment is soft and pleasant even with a group of playful children together.

Safe and healthy adaptable space

Adapteo’s daycare facilities have ideal indoor conditions and they fulfill all safety and building regulations. In addition, all daycare buildings can be built accessible and barrier-free. When extra space is needed quickly, Adapteo’s rental solution for daycare facilities would be your choice. Whether you need an adaptable building for a growing number of children, or you find yourself in a situation where the old permanent building can’t be used anymore.

You can choose open or closed space

The final building is assembled of different chosen modules. The modules can be built up to three-storey high buildings with an elevator. They can be arranged in different shapes, for example to an L shaped building. Inside the building, there can be separate rooms, offices, canteens or bright and spacious open space.

Different daycare facilities



Entry halls

Kitchen and dining facilities

Staff lounges

Toilets and shower rooms

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