Healthcare centres

Space for caring

Just like any other healthcare centre

Adapteo’s modular buildings can serve as an entire healthcare centre, complete with doctor’s office, dentist, laboratory and maternity clinic. Although modular spaces can be used for temporary purposes, the interior of the buildings are just as functional and well-equipped as permanent healthcare centres.

A flexible and quick way to get more space for municipal services

Modular healthcare centre facilities are a perfect solution, when there’s a quick need for high-quality space. It takes several years to build a permanent building, whereas a modular one takes less than a year.

Modular healthcare centres are easily adapted to changing needs, even during the rental period. This way the municipality can, for example, add space and offer its other services in the same location as the healthcare centre.

No need to commit to a permanent building

When you rent the space that you need, you are bound to the building only for the time that you need it for. If situations change, the modular building can be disassembled, taken away and you won’t have to worry about the premises anymore. This makes budgeting for the space much easier.

Adapteo’s modular buildings can be rented from a single day, up to 10 years. These days, the average rental period is around 1–5 years, but longer rental periods are becoming increasingly popular.

We know how to build a good healthcare centre

Our goal is to always create functional, attractive and safe spaces for healthcare. We make use of our experience in design and make sure that all aspects of a well-functioning healthcare centre are taken into consideration.

One significant aspect to consider is the layout, i.e. how the building will be constructed. For example, we make sure that the maternity clinic is always located in its own wing, with its own entrance, so that babies and toddlers entering the clinic don’t need to pass through the other premises.

Inside it looks just like a traditional healthcare centre

Adapteo’s modular buildings can be between 1–3 stories, with elevators and stairways. The buildings can also be constructed with high levels of accessibility for patients and moving equipment.

Inside, the space can be divided to separate rooms and open space. Modular healthcare centres can have all the same furniture and equipment as traditional ones – or even little extra, such as modern and comfortable waiting room furniture.

Our health center facilities include

Waiting rooms
Reception space
Examination rooms
Emergency room facilities
Ward facilities for overnight observation
Locker rooms
Break rooms