Whenever you need extra space for a school or a daycare centre, Adapteo provides the ideal solution, customized to your needs. We provide modern educational modular buildings that are safe, healthy and inviting. They are always to be rented on your terms, for as long as you need.

At Adapteo we are proud to deliver educational buildings with great air quality and lots of natural light, making better places for learning and daycare for children and young people.


Adapteo’s modular school buildings are designed to meet the requirements of modern learning. They are full of natural light, have good indoor air quality and a soft sound environment. The building can include traditional classrooms, specialized classrooms, locker rooms, professional kitchen and open lounge space, among other things.

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Adapteo’s modular daycare buildings are comfortable and fun places for a child to spend their day in. Adapteo has also taken into consideration the staff, creating a secured, healthy and functional environment for both the children and staff. Adapteo’s daycare buildings have all the different facilities that are needed in a normal daycare building.

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We have made the process of acquiring extra space as easy and straightforward as possible. We help you navigate your various choices, making sure you always have exactly what you need, when and where you need it. By contacting us, we will help you to take the first step in getting the space that you need.