Sing out in the interactive orpheus box


The interactive Orpheus Box unit situated in front of the Staatsoper Stuttgart opera house showcases the wonders of opera singing. Taking place in a modular unit from Adapteo, in front of the opera house, this open-air interactive experience invites the public to uncover the secrets of opera singing and discover the potential of their own voice. 

The Sing out! project is a collaboration between the Staatsoper Stuttgart opera house, Berlin-based musical theatre duo Müller & Rinnert and the Opera Ballet Vlaanderen opera house in Antwerp/Ghent, Belgium. 

Three exciting experiences were developed for singing enthusiasts to enjoy with the help of science as well as expertise and individual experiences from opera singers. 


Image: Joachim E Röttgers

Part one, The Kehlkopf-Kabinett [Voice Box] invited the public to actively learn about the human voice through listening and singing.

Due to the measures taken to slow the spread of coronavirus, part two, Human Jukebox was cancelled. 

Part three, To what end?, is scheduled for 14 June 2020. 

Find out more about Adapteo showrooms, available in Germany: Showrooms and pavilions 


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