If I could build a school, it would have…

To put our adaptability to the test we let 6-year-old Emma design a school just the way she wanted. Our adaptable buildings can change size and shape in any way the situation calls for and we are always open to new ideas and mindsets. Making sure that whatever the future might bring, we will adapt to it. Watch the film to see how Emma’s school turned out.

Adaptable buildings can:

  • change size and shape in any way the situation calls for
  • be delivered and built in a few days
  • be rented, leased or bought
  • be moved, reused and serve several purposes in a circular life cycle
  • and are built with sustainable material

No idea is too big for us – learn how we have helped our customers

Test our adaptability with Adapteo Draw

Would you like to test the adaptability on your own? Adapteo Draw is an online tool making it easy for anyone to build an adaptable building. You can add, move, resize, and change building units to find your perfect solution.

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