Case study

Daily life in Adapteo’s daycare facilities

Linnainmaan päiväkoti, a daycare center in Tampere, Finland, moved to Adapteo’s modular daycare building since their building had had some serious indoor air quality problems. After one year in the new modular building, the staff, kids and parents are positively surprised by the quality of the space.

Building facts

Linnainmaa's daycare building

  • 2 stories
  • L shape
  • C90 modules
  • 4 mudrooms, professional kitchen and an office

When the daycare centre Linnainmaan päiväkoti in Tampere, Finland, found that their current building had indoor quality problems, they turned to Adapteo for modular space solutions to support their operation. While the old premises were being renovated, Linnainmaan päiväkoti moved into a temporary building, and their experience were far above what they expected.

– Personally, I didn’t have any other expectations about the premises, other than to get appropriate space where the daycare could continue its normal routine and work. We like these facilities very much, and they have been considerably better compared to our old ones.

Tommi Järventausta
Director of Linnainmaan päiväkoti

The quality of Adapteo’s premises was a positive surprise

Neither the director of Linnainmaan päiväkoti, Tommi Järventausta, the staff of the daycare nor the children had any previous experience with modular buildings and didn’t know what to expect from the new temporary facility. However, the quality of the delivered premises was a positive surprise. The air quality inside the building is perceived much better and is described as fresher, and everyone has stated that they enjoy spending time in the modular space facility.

Linnainmaan päiväkoti in Tampere, Finland
All children and the staff have been happy with the new daycare building.

Daily life continues in the modular facilities

The daycare building has space for eight groups. In addition to the play area, there are mudrooms adapted for two groups. For the staff and other administravtive functions of the daycare, there is a professional kitchen, office space, staff lounge and toilet facilities on both floors.

Being a temporary building, we had to make some compromises in the design, explains Tommi Järventausta, such as the size of the mudrooms. They were larger in our old facility. With good planning and organising we have been able to continue to run things as usual, even in the slightly smaller temporary space, he continues. All in all, we are happy with the new space.

At the project start, Linnainmaan päiväkoti had ordered a slightly less sophisticated solution from Adapteo. But when the building of the project started, Adapteo found that they could deliver a more modern solution and the daycare ended up with having both better and larger facilities than it originally was planned for.

Despite some challenges, the end result was a success

Already at an early stage, the project was faced with some challenges related to building permit and contractual matters. All this delayed the beginning of the building phase, and it affected the time plan slightly.

At the end, the challenges in the schedule didn’t affect the quality of the final premises, and the children and staff of Linnainmaan päiväkoti get to spend time in a cosy and functional high-quality modular space solution that meet their needs.