Case study

The project organisation’s office for the refurbishment of Malmö University Hospital

For several years, Malmö University Hospital will undergo comprehensive modernisation. The vision is a world-class hospital, and the project is being closely monitored by the project organisation from Adapteo office modules in the vicinity. The modules will serve as the workplaces of approximately 150 people and the project office occupies three floors, which have been specially designed by architectural firm White Arkitekter.

The hospital is situated in central Malmö, and the project organisation’s new offices are in the hospital area. The area was already densely built, and there was a need for flexible and spacious square metres for the project office on a relatively small piece of land. This necessitated a solution able to provide space in which many people could work. Adapteo was able to accommodate these needs with our Rymd module, which – along with Nova– is the largest on the market. Thanks to a module length of 14 metres, both small and open-plan offices can be set up with an open and bright feel. The solution is ideal for the project organisation’s need for flexible and functional facilities while the hospital is being overhauled.

“The flexibility and spaciousness of the modules perfectly suit the requirements of the organisation, which needs space for meetings, talks, and information”

Kristina Olofsson
Project Manager, Region Skåne

“There is often a lot of resistance to moving to activity-based offices, and our organisation is no exception. But when we moved into Adapteo’s modules, this changed quickly and the staff are now very positive about the move,” says Kristina Olofsson.

Region Skåne hopes the project office will serve as a good example for other offices. The project demonstrates how space can be reduced while increasing the quality of administration facilities. The solution from Adapteo proves that standard modules can be used to create welcoming and functional facilities which can be adapted to different needs.