About Adapteo

Building an adaptable future

We believe that adaptivity and circularity is the best solution for the future. Our circular business model and ambitious sustainability plan are fully integrated with our offering of flexible space solutions. We can transform, repurpose, scale up, scale down - and even move our buildings in a matter of weeks.
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This is how we shape adaptable, sustainable societies

Our portfolio includes premium, modular spaces tailored to the evolving needs of schools, daycares, offices, housing, and beyond.

We collaborate closely with customers to guide them towards optimal modular solutions. Anticipating evolving needs, we ensure our spaces are future-ready and primed for transformation, repurposing, or scalability.

Our commitment to adaptable spaces fosters societal resilience and sustainability, offering solutions that go hand in hand with people and the planet's well-being.

Adapteo in brief


Markets - Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Belgium, Lithuania, Estonia, and The Netherlands.


Boasting a modular building portfolio spanning 1.5 million square meters.


Serving thousands of customers, including municipal decision-makers, educational institutions, corporations, and healthcare providers.


The leading adaptable space partner in Northern Europe, offering state-of-the-art circular building solutions.


Leveraging over 60 years of experience in delivering a diverse range of adaptable solutions.


employees across 9 markets. 

What we believe in

Our three core values

At Adapteo, we hold ourselves accountable for doing what we say, and acting in line with our values. It's a vital part of who we are. These principles guide our interactions with employees, customers, and partners, forming the bedrock of our culture.



Rooted in customer and end-user-centricity, we leverage our extensive expertise to anticipate needs and surpass expectations


Advancing growth and efficiency, we share knowledge and skills internally and with our customers, crafting solutions that benefit many while prioritizing people and the planet


Building trust and transparency, we take ownership and ensure accountability, fostering a culture of reliability both within our organization and in our partnerships

Contact us

Want to learn more about adaptable space solutions with modular buildings?

Get in touch with our sales department and learn more about how we together can build adaptable societies.

Group Head Office – FI

+358 10 661 5500
Visit: Äyritie 12 A, FI-01510 Vantaa, Finland Group

Operational Centre – SE

+46 8 590 994 40
Visit: Gårdsvägen 14, 169 70 Solna