Our story

Our history

Adapteo emerged from the demerger of Cramo on June 30, 2019, but our roots trace back to Finland in the 1950s. Throughout the years, our company evolved under various names until the inception of Adapteo, born from the demerger of Cramo's modular space business in 2019.

We eagerly anticipate many fruitful years of growth and collaboration alongside our valued customers and colleagues.

The milestones of Adapteo's journey


Oresjö Fabriker (later Flexator established).


Established in Finland.


Malmros Instant Office established (later part of the creation of Cramo Group).


Temporent established as part of Skanska Group. Entry into the Danish market.


Formation of Nordic Modular Group with Temporent and Flexator as subsidiaries.


Introduction of Cramo Adapteo, a new sub-brand for flexible real estate business. Entry on the German market


Cramo acquires Nordic Modular Group.


Adapteo emerges as an independent company from the demerger of Cramo, listed on Nasdaq.


Acquisition of Dutch Cabrin Group.


Goldman Sachs becomes Adapteo's owner. Acquisition of Stord Innkvartering in Norway. Acquisition of Ajos in Denmark.


Expansion into 9 markets, solidifying Adapteo's presence and commitment to growth.

History of Adapteo from the beginning



The history and roots of Adapteo links with those of Cramo and can be traced back to early 1950s, when the Finnish Association of Construction Engineers established Rakentajain Kone Oy in response to the need for construction machinery due to post-war reconstruction. The modular space business dates back to early 1978 in Finland, and has since then operated under several business names and corporate structures.

Nordic Modular Group that Cramo acquired in 2018, traces its origins back to 1956, when the Anneberg factory was founded under the name Oresjös Fabriker AB.


Malmros Instant Office established in Sweden and was later part of the creation of Cramo Group and its modular space business in 1995.



Oresjö fabriker changes its name 1990 to Sektionsbyggarna and then later Flexator. These years mark a period of expansion for Cramo’s modular space business with establishments in Denmark (1995) and Norway (2002).

In 2006, Nordic Modular Group forms with Temporent, established 1995 as part of the Skanska group, and Flexator as subsidiaries.



In 2014, Cramo adopted a new sub-brand, Cramo Adapteo, for its modular space business in order to better capitalise on the increasing modular space business and increase the prominence of its modular space business in real estate and in the public sector.

In 2014, Cramo acquired all the shares of the German modular space rental company C/S RaumCenter GmbH, and entered on the German market. In 2015, Cramo further strengthened its position in the German modular space market by acquiring the modular space fleet of MDS Raumsysteme GmbH.

In June 2017, to strengthen its position in the growing Danish modular space market, Cramo acquired the assets of the modular space company Just Pavillon A/S.

In 2018, the Modular Space business was strengthened by the acquisition of Nordic Modular Group Holding AB. The acquisition further strengthened Adapteo’s business model on the overall Nordic modular space market, and lay the ground for Business Area Permanent space, with in-house production.

In 2019, Adapteo was born on 30 June 2019, through the demerger of the modular space business of Cramo. Adapteo’s shares were listed on Nasdaq Stockholm, Mid cap.



In 2020, Adapteo’s geographical presence was diversified and strengthened in Central Europe by the acquisition of Dutch Cabin Group, a leading provider of adaptable buildings in the Netherlands and with presence in Germany.

In 2021, to strengthen its position in worker accommodations and enable expansion to new customer segments in Norway, Adapteo acquired Stord Innkvartering AS.