Our strategic direction

Our business strategy is guided by three main pillars: Breakout growth, Commercial excellence, and Operational efficiency. We aim to strengthen our position in Northern Europe and increase shareholder value through better commercial and operational execution, as well as cost reduction. We believe that sustainability leadership is a vital part of our strategy and essential for achieving commercial success.

A strategic leadership

Sustainability leadership is an integral part of our business strategy and crucial for commercial success.


Industry leadership

We strive to achieve breakout growth by identifying new markets and propositions, both organically and through acquisitions.

Customer partnership

In the commercial excellence initiative, we drive growth and profitability through improvements of its current propositions and commercial operation.
RnD & Innovation

Operational smartness

Operational efficiency focuses on improving cost efficiency while maintaining a high level of quality. Our operating models form the basis for the focus areas, which on a general level, are related to achieving efficient and high-quality sourcing and project delivery.

Sustainability strategy

With a circular construction concept, we provide buildings that can adapt to the needs of people at a smaller cost to the planet. We are committed to sourcing raw materials that are climate-smart, using resource-efficient production methods, and innovating our products to reduce our impact on the planet. Our sustainable buildings offer an environment optimized for user needs.

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