Elderly care

Facilities for life quality and safety

We offer all-encompassing adaptable buildings designed specifically for elderly care. Our solutions feature a range of living accommodations and apartments tailored to meet diverse needs of senior individuals. All-inclusive adaptable solutions tailored for seniors, if you wish! Adapteo's elderly care solution include living quarters alongside specialized facilities for comprehensive eldercare services.

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Traditional apartments for independent senior living

For seniors enjoying good health and autonomy, Adapteo provides apartment buildings featuring comfortable and inviting living spaces. Beyond individual residences, these buildings are designed to incorporate communal areas including lounges, bathing and laundry facilities, and a dining hall, fostering a sense of community.

As residents' needs evolve, and additional care becomes necessary while they maintain their independence, our buildings adapt accordingly. Areas for nursing staff such as offices, break rooms, locker rooms, and fully-equipped professional kitchens can be effortlessly integrated into our adaptable structures.

Buildings for traditional nursing homes

Adapteo extends its offerings to also include traditional nursing homes. These facilities are designed to cater to various preferences and operational requirements. Options may include individual apartments or rooms connected by a communal corridor, supplemented by shared bathing areas and administrative facilities. Additionally, our nursing homes are equipped with dedicated spaces for medical professionals, such as doctors' and nurses' offices, alongside inviting dining areas and versatile common spaces tailored for activities like crafts, exercise, and music. Our commitment remains unwavering: ensuring that each facility is precisely tailored to meet the unique needs of its occupants.

Accessibility for all

Our apartment buildings and nursing homes can rise up to three stories, each designed to ensure accessibility for all. Elevators and ramps, constructed to meet rigorous accessibility standards, offer mobility throughout the premises. Moreover, our interiors are crafted with careful attention, featuring threshold-free entrances or accessible thresholds to facilitate smooth navigation.

For added safety and support, corridors feature additional railings, providing extra stability where needed. And to mitigate the risk of slips and falls, our interior floors boast durable vinyl coverings designed to be both non-slippery and long-lasting. At Adapteo, accessibility isn't just a standard; it's a commitment to empowering every individual with the freedom to thrive.

Empowering safety for the residents and staff

In environments like nursing homes, where residents with memory disorders require specialized care, prioritizing safety is paramount for both occupants and staff alike. Thoughtfully engineered access control systems, coupled with electronic and automatic locking mechanisms, guarantee a secure and harmonious daily experience.

Beyond access control measures, our commitment to safety extends to meeting all fire safety regulations and requirements. From comprehensive locking systems to diligent fire safety protocols, Adapteo's dedication to creating secure environments fosters peace of mind for everyone within our facilities.