Rent buildings from Adapteo

Advantages of renting adaptable spaces

Renting our buildings is a modern, ecological and economical way of getting more space quickly. At Adapteo, you can rent the building that you need for as long as you need. And if situations change, we can adapt the space and rental period to your changing needs.


Why choose Adapteo?


You rent only the space you need without risks


The rental form provides an easier balance sheet


The rented spaces can keep up with the needs


Why should you rent?

Renting adaptable buildings is suitable if you have a temporary need for space. It gives you access to premises much faster than if you were to build a new, permanent building. Since you do not have to invest large sums to build a permanent building, this option will free up capital for your core investments. When you rent an adaptable building, you also free yourself from the building maintenance obligations.

Rental Process Overview


Initial Contact

The process begins with reaching out to us. Our team listens to your requirements and collaborates with you to create your ideal space. You'll have a designated contact person guiding you every step of the way.

Floor plan

Space Design

We design the space to meet your specifications, ensuring compliance with all building and health regulations.


Modules are delivered promptly to your site as scheduled, assembled efficiently, and the site is cleaned up upon completion.
Repair refurb

Finishing touches

Once the building is ready, we furnish it and conduct thorough final inspections before handing over the keys to your ready-to-use space.
Service and maintenace


Our team handles all building-related maintenance, providing you with ongoing support throughout the rental period.

Disassembly of modules

When the modular buildings are no longer needed, we dismantle and remove them, leaving the site clean and ready for its next use.