Accommodation solutions

Worker villages from Adapteo

Elevate your construction project with Adapteo's cutting-edge accommodation environments. Designed to meet the needs of both workers and communities, our solution offer a blend of comfort, safety, and efficiency.

Tailored to your needs


Buildings can relocate

Short construction time

Short construction time


Top class environments


Setting new standards in adaptability

Experience the versatility of Adapteo's adaptable buildings, which can rise up to three stories and include elevators and stairways for convenient access. Our solutions adhere to the same rigorous building regulations as traditional structures, ensuring compliance and safety at every step.

A home away from home

At the heart of our mission is the commitment to providing new residents with healthy and safe accommodations. We prioritize creating an ideal indoor environment where residents can thrive. Through meticulously balanced air conditioning, heating, lighting, and sound systems, we ensure that every aspect of their new home is optimized for maximum comfort and well-being.

High-quality worker accommodation needs delivered at speed

Adapteo's rental solutions offer the ideal remedy when quality accommodations are required on short notice. Our rental options provide flexibility and reliability. You can lease the building for the duration required, and should circumstances evolve, our adaptable structures and rental agreements can be seamlessly adjusted to meet your evolving needs.

Circular Living Solutions

At Adapteo, sustainability is more than just a concept—it's our commitment. Our accommodation buildings exemplify responsible construction practices. Once your space is no longer needed, we repurpose it elsewhere, minimizing waste and maximizing resources. Our building units are insulated and engineered to withstand Nordic climate conditions and we prioritize the use of low-emission building materials, ensuring a healthier indoor environment for our occupants.
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Easy budgeting and hassle-free maintenance

Adapteo's facilities offer a budget-friendly solution for expanding your space. Opting for a rental solution not only provides cost savings but also relieves you from unexpected building-related expenses and maintenance obligations. Throughout the rental period, you can rely on our professional maintenance service to ensure smooth operations and peace of mind.