Healthcare center buildings from Adapteo

Adapteo's buildings stand ready to transform into full-fledged healthcare hubs, boasting everything from doctor's offices and dental clinics to laboratories and maternity wards. Even in structures designed for temporary use, our spaces match the functionality and equipment standards of permanent healthcare centers.


We build exceptional healthcare centers

Our goal is to consistently deliver spaces that are not just functional, but also aesthetically pleasing and safe for healthcare needs. Leveraging our wealth of design expertise, we meticulously address every facet crucial to a seamlessly operating healthcare facility. Central to our approach is the layout – how the building is structured. Take, for instance, our commitment to situating the maternity clinic in a dedicated wing with its own entrance. This thoughtful design ensures that families with infants and toddlers accessing the clinic can do so without navigating through other areas, prioritizing convenience and comfort.

Our healthcare centers' interior

Adapteo's buildings range from 1 to 3 stories, equipped with elevators and stairways to facilitate smooth movement. Moreover, our structures are engineered with heightened accessibility standards to accommodate patients and facilitate the transfer of equipment. Internally, the space is versatile, allowing for the partitioning of rooms and the creation of open areas as needed. Our temporary adaptable healthcare centers boast fully furnished interiors, complete with all essential equipment and furnishings found in traditional facilities – and in some cases, even offer additional amenities.

A flexible and quick way to get more space for municipal services

Experience the versatility and efficiency of our modular, circular building technique, tailored to seamlessly adapt to evolving needs. Our adaptable healthcare centers epitomize adaptability, capable of swiftly adjusting to changing demands, even amidst ongoing rentals. This dynamic capability empowers municipalities to expand effortlessly, integrating various services within the same location as the healthcare center, optimizing accessibility and convenience for their community.