Buildings that adapt to your needs

Adaptable buildings from Adapteo can be built, scaled up, scaled down or repurposed in the matter of weeks, always with sustainability and circularity in mind. We make it easy to find fitting solutions for your every building need.

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Adaptable buildings

Adapteo builds, rents out and sells adaptable buildings for a few days or indefinitely. We can transform, repurpose, scale up, scale down and even move our buildings in a matter of weeks by using a modular and circular building concept. In contrast to the static solutions offered by the traditional construction and real estate industry, our buildings can adapt when needs change.

What our customers think

“The city’s needs changes over time, and adaptable buildings with the possibility to easily repurpose the space help us optimise our building stock”

– Hans Birli
HY/ARCHITEKTEN on behalf of the city of Offenbach

Are you expanding? Contact us and we’ll use our expertise to find you the best solution.

Building adaptable societies together

With buildings that can meet the ever-changing needs from its users, we drive and enable societal change. Whether it’s stricter sustainability regulations or a spur in the number of employees or pupils, we need solutions that meet instant needs and future demands.

We are proactive, collaborative and committed

We take the time to understand your needs and guide you to the best solution. We gladly work closely with both customers, end-users and external partners to co-create solutions that add value both to people and planet. We take ownership of the whole process from planning, establishment and maintenance.

Why choose Adapteo


Being adaptable is a natural built-in concept within all our solutions.

Tailormade timing

Whether it is for a few days or permanently – you choose what suits best.

Financial freedom

Our solutions will suit your situation – whether you are looking to rent, lease or own.

Premium range

We think you deserve the best. That is why we only deliver premium quality.

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We're here to help you build adaptable

Please contact us for more information or any guidance on your building needs. We will find the ideal solution to your specific building needs.