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Versatile facilities for elderly care as a solution for the municipality

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The Adapteo elderly care home solutions relieved Muonio Municipality in Finland from a long-term shortage of care places. The municipality had a special need for a care unit where it would be possible to connect residents who need different levels of support and their services in the same courtyard. The wishes and views of the users played a big role throughout the project, and it is now positively reflected in resident satisfaction.

Delivered nursing home environment:

  • One floor
  • T-shaped building, with 3 different wings
  • 25-bed serviced housing unit; 10 larger living rooms, 10 rooms for enhanced service living, and 5 rooms intended for rotating or permanent use, some with a kitchenette
  • Shared lounge, dining room, kitchen, washroom, sauna, washroom, dressing rooms, laundry room, staff quarters, backyard with roofs, and a hut building

The municipality of Muonio in Finland no longer had care places for the elderly. It was felt that there was a need for a new kind of “hybrid unit”, which could house residents with different levels of support. This would save the municipality’s resources because all the necessary basic services would be centrally located under the same roof.

After the completion of Hoivakoti Metsäniity, elderly people in Muonio institutional care no longer have to share already small rooms. The 25 additional places were very welcome and will ease the municipality’s situation significantly. In the new facilities, rotation care and days off for caregivers are also offered.

There is plenty of space and everything has been designed to match exactly for this purpose.

Kati Sirkka, Director of Hoivakoti Metsäniitty, Muonio.

Modern facilities and accessibility

The accessibility of the building was taken into account already in the planning phase. It has also received praise from users and authorities.

– It was nice to hear that the fire inspector found the facilities of the nursing home to be good and accessible. The backyard and front yard are easily accessible on foot, with a wheelchair, and even with a bed. In all facilities, the movement of elderly people has been taken into account, and it has also been a great help in the daily work of our staff.

The facilities are equipped with modern systems specifically designed for nursing homes. The alarm system and camera surveillance monitors the safety of the building, but also the departure and arrival of residents. Thanks to the nurse call system, help is always available to residents who need it.

– The spaces are also really nice in terms of material choices, and we were able to actively influence the colors and other visible surfaces as well. I am particularly satisfied with the wood surfaces that bring liveliness, which we also highlighted in the request for tenders, Sirkka continues.

In the terms of sustainable development

In public procurement, the aim is to switch mostly to wood construction due to the favorable environmental effects. We want to improve the health, safety, and comfort of buildings, so wood is recommended. The goal is that by 2035, the majority of buildings in Finland will be made from recycled, renewable or low-carbon raw materials.

– Wood is an environmentally friendly material, it brings cosiness and fits well into the local landscape. That’s why we specifically wanted a wooden structure at the very beginning of the project, says Sirkka.

– The building’s environmental friendliness and energy efficiency are also nicely emphasized with the solar power plant purchased for the roof of our nursing home!

The speed and good equipment of the module system

Sirkka says that the premises were implemented well by wishes and the construction was a quick process.

– In terms of equipment, we have everything you need; some rooms are larger with a kitchenette. There is a sauna and a washroom, as well as a staff room, a laundry room, a kitchen, and a canteen – common spaces that serve the entire building complex, sensibly placed. We have received very positive comments from relatives and residents!

In addition, Lappset fitness equipment and furniture will be installed in the yard area to activate the residents.