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Beloved places tend to stay with us—the streets we wander, squares where we pause, and favorite spots we love to revisit. These locales become integral parts of our communities and collective memories, grounding us in familiarity and leaving lasting impressions. Yet, the true essence of a vibrant community lies in its capacity to evolve. To pivot, reimagine, and thrive in fresh iterations. This is Adapteo’s calling, our very essence. We exist to catalyze societal evolution, fostering spaces that nurture growth and innovation in a responsible way.

We help shape the future and cultivate spaces where humanity can flourish.

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Johanna Persson

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Lina K. Wiles

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Simon Persson

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Richard Widerståhl

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Teemu Saarela

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Jeffrey GMT

Jeffrey De Clercq

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Carol portarit

Carol Spendilow


Ola Skogö

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Fredrik GMT

Frederik Illing


Dan Levine


Philippe Pfeiffer

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Anna Högberg