Office buildings

Inspiring and inviting office

Whether you need office space to move, expand, refurbish or any other reason, Adapteo’s adaptable buildings for offices is the right choice for you. We offer buildings with a variety of layouts, adapted to your needs and financial freedom with a variety of alternatives. Our mission is to help your business, so let us know what your business needs.

Open and bright office space

Adapteo’s modern offices can have a variety of layouts. From  wide, bright and open space with all employees sharing the same space, to each employee having their own private office by the corridor, and everything in between. We adapt to your needs and find the best solution together.

Financing solutions that give you freedom

The ideal financing set-up is not the same for everyone. We offer financial freedom with a variety of alternatives to find the most suitable solution for you. Choose to rent, lease or buy your solution.

Ideal indoor conditions and comfortable furnishing

Inside Adapteo’s offices, you will find ideal indoor conditions regarding, for example, air conditioning, heating, lighting and sound environment. Healthiness and safety of the facilities is always a number one priority for us.

The overall indoor experience is finished with comfortable and functional furniture and interior design. With the right pieces of furniture, you can create different spaces from open co-working space to cosy and private nooks for relaxing.

Adaptable building with all latest technology

The adaptable office building for your company will be built in 1–3 stories. You can also choose to have an elevator. The shape of the building can be determined according to your wishes and the lot.

Normally an office needs a lot of different technology from functioning wi-fi to video conference equipment. We can provide all this and little extra, so your office will be a modern, fully equipped working place.

Example applications

Closed offices

Open offices

Conference rooms

Reception space


Professional and home kitchen facilities

Break rooms

Post office

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