Our circular business model

Buildings are used again and again. With our circular construction concept, we avoid demolition and minimize waste. Our buildings can be moved, transformed, and used over and over. 

Standardized production minimizes waste. Our modules are produced in series, optimizing economies of scale such as material use and energy efficiency. This benefits both environment and the economy.   

A large proportion of renewable material = climate smart. A majority of our buildings are made primarily from certified wood. Wood is a renewable material with less climate impact than non-renewable materials such as concrete. 

Our units match truck sizes to optimize transportation. When an Adapteo building is moved, we use local service hubs and well-planned transport routes to reduce climate impact. 

Recycling and resource efficiency within smaller loops. We aim to constantly improve our recycling rate and work to minimize waste by using standardized materials and formats. When we no longer need a component, we scan the market to find reusers. 

No concrete groundwork to save material and energy. Our buildings can be placed on any flat surface without local adaptation such as digging or casting concrete. This is resource efficient and reduces climate impact. 

Energy-saving measures can be added. We offer energy-efficient heating systems such as waterborne heating, smart ventilation, and solar panels depending on the market and local demand.