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Group Head Office – FI

Phone: +358 10 661 5500
Email: info@adapteo.com
Adress: Äyritie 12 A, FI-01510 Vantaa, Finland

Adapteo Oy
E-invoice: 003729822219
Mail for invoice: adapteo.plc@bscs.basware.com
Post: Adapteo PLC, PL 1168, 00026 Finland

Group Operational Centre – SE

Phone: +46 8 590 994 40
Email: info@adapteo.com
Visit: Gårdsvägen 14, 169 70 Solna

Adapteo services AB
E-invoice: SE556691386801
Mail for invoice: adapteo.services@bscs.basware.com
Post: Adapteo Services AB, FE 287, 107 76 Stockholm Sweden

Direct e-mails: firstname.lastname@adapteo.com

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Our offices in all markets


Adapteo AB

Adress: Gårdsvägen 14,169 70 Solna
Email: info.se@adapteo.com
Phone: +46 8590 994 40


Adapteo AS

Adress: Strømsø Torg 9, 3044 Drammen
Email: info.no@adapteo.com
Phone: +47 3227 3030


Adapteo Finland Oy

Adress: Äyritie 12 A , 01510 Vantaa
Email: info.fi@adapteo.com
Phone: +358 106615500


Adapteo A/S

Adress: Greve Main 33 , 2670 Greve
Email: +45 70 90 90 40
Phone: info.dk@adapteo.com


Adapteo GmbH

Adress: Hugenottenallee 167
D-63263 Neu-Isenburg
Email: info.de@adapteo.com
Phone: +49 (0) 6102 375380


Adapteo UAB
Vilniaus str. 9, LT-14200 Izabelinės k., Vilniaus r.,

Tel.: +370 698 41491
E-mail: info.lt@adapteo.com

Adapteo is the leading adaptable space partner in Northern Europe

Operations across 8 markets – Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Belgium, Lithuania & The Netherlands.

A large portfolio of adaptable buildings and a long experience in the construction and real estate industry.