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Adapteo provides housing for Ukrainian refugees

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Badehavnsgade, located in Sydhavnen will have new residents this summer when almost 800 Ukrainian refugees move into the flexible city in the Copenhagen district. The new city will be built with adaptable buildings from Adapteo.

The building fits Adapteo very well because we are used to working with large, flexible projects that must be adaptable to individual needs. The municipality wanted an adaptable and easily scalable building, which as a starting point will stand there for three years. And that’s our core competence. – Ümit Kütük, Project Manager at Adapteo.

Copenhagen municipality has made a great effort to house the many Ukrainian refugees who have come to the municipality in the last year. At the beginning of the year, Adapteo won the tender to supply a total of 95 modules that will house 200 new residents. The temporary flexible city in Sydhavnen will serve as housing for the approximately 800 Ukrainian refugees for the next three years.

We are happy to contribute to this important project and help with housing for the Ukrainians who now have a place to live that caters to them and their needs", says Ümit Kütük, project manager at Adapteo.

The project is designed as 4 buildings, where the first building 2A consists of 18 modules on 2 floors, 2B consists of 39 modules on 3 floors, 2C consists of 18 modules on 2 floors and 2D consists of 20 modules on 2 floors. In the middle, we have a wooden terrace of about 800 sqm with a mulch bed suitable for growing vegetables, herbs and flowers. – Ümit Kütük, Project Manager at Adapteo.

The city will consist of a total of four clusters, with Adapteo providing modules for one of them. The buildings consist of rooms with shared bathrooms and kitchens as well as an outdoor area with a large terrace in the middle that will unite the four buildings. Together, the four clusters will have a total of 350 rooms.

In mid-April, Adapteo began work on the turnkey contract. They have already prepared the foundations, sewer, electricity, and water. By early May 2023, the first modules arrived and in July the refugees were able to move into their new homes. The remaining city is anticipated to be finished by September 1st.

In addition to the new flexible city in Badehavnsgade, Adapteo has also delivered modules for the temporary town ‘Maguritten’ in Køge. The ‘Marguerite’ was inaugurated in April 2023 and houses around 100 Ukrainians.