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Growing municipality got the new daycare facilities they needed

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Värmdö in Sweden is a municipality in great expansion. The new daycare centre Farstaborg, provided by Adapteo, fills an important need for the many new families with children.
High summer warmth at the end of August. The yard is full of children and their parents. The children are running around, playing peek-a-boo in the small tents, hopping about or lying flat on the ground. Parents are walking around, chatting and sipping on coffee. A red ribbon hangs across the entrance, and, following a speech by Principal Jessica Skrak-Granqvist, the ribbon is cut and the preschool is officially inaugurated. Farstaborg Daycare is administered by Gustavsberg Municipality, and comprises 5 sections able to accommodate 85-100 children from ages 1 to 5. The sections are called Blå blom (Blue Flower), Turtur (Turtledove), Bubbel (Bubble), Aster and Fem myror (Five Ants) – all named after porcelain collections made by renowned porcelain manufacturer Gustavsbergs Porslinsfabrik.

Perfect, idyllic settings

The daycare centre is surrounded by plenty of greenery and large oak trees envelop the area. There are no vehicles and it feels very safe. The large artificial turf field is used by the preschool during the day, and in the evenings and over weekends as a football pitch. Behind the school is a riding centre, and every so often horses can be spotted outside the windows. Principal Jessica Skrak-Granqvist is also pleased with the new kitchen of the facilities: “The daycare centre is equipped with a proper cooking kitchen, and we are privileged to have our own chef who makes food for everyone from scratch.”

Good communication and well-planned space

Principal Skrak-Granqvist states that there has been excellent cooperation with the municipality, Adapteo’s personnel, and the various subcontractors.
I feel that they were responsive and understood our needs very well.
- Jessica Skrak-Granqvist, Principal, Farstabo Preschool. 
The municipality’s Preschool Director, Ingmarie Lagne is also very pleased with the new daycare facilities. She says that they gave a lot of thought to creating good spaces for play and learning with “rooms inside rooms” in several areas. According to her the staff have wonderful areas and everything feels well-considered.
It doesn’t feel like a building for temporary use. This is a good solution for a growing municipality like ours and the catchment area is large, not only from central Gustavsberg but also from the peripheral areas in Värmdö Municipality.
- Ingmarie Lange, Daycare Director, Gustavsberg Municipality

The staff seemed happy with their school – a good start to the journey of life for the municipality’s youngest citizens. Farstaborg Daycare building facts:

  • 2 floors
  • Constructed from 28 C90 modules
  • Full accessibility
  • Lease period of 10 years
  • Project partners Adapteo AB, Arcona AB and Värmdö Municipality