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New daycare facilities in record time

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One morning in May, a fire broke out in the daycare centre building of the Tursola daycare centre in Kangasala. There was no one in the building at the time of the fire, but the building was completely destroyed. The city had to find replacement facilities quickly. Thanks to a framework agreement the tendering process could be simplified, and Adapteo was able to provide temporary facilities as early as September.

The fire launched a swiftly advancing chain of events leading to the acquisition of adaptable buildings

The space requirement arisen from a fire is one that cannot be anticipated. At the Tursola daycare centre, the scenario became reality when one morning the children no longer could come to their cosy daycare.

However, the children could be temporarily placed in a nearby preschool and in other daycare centres. At the same time, the technical services of the City of Kangasala began to buzz. Real estate engineer Olli Rissanen explains how the authorities initially had to look for evidence in the burnt premises and make reports. After that, we started working with the insurance company and consequently initiate the tendering process.

A framework agreement speeded up the process of premises acquisition

Kangasala is a party to the KUHA framework contract entered into by the municipalities surrounding Tampere. In the case of Tursola, KUHA enabled a smoothly advancing competitive minitender, which saved time and the municipality was soon able to start contract negotiations and the planning process.

Suppliers had previously participated in a competitive tender for the framework contract. When the need for facilities arose, the groundwork had already been done and the tendering took place only among the suppliers involved in the framework contract. According to Rissanen, KUHA saved the project schedule.

Adapteo won the tender and undertook to deliver the desired premises on a predetermined, relatively tight schedule during the height of the summer holiday season.

Adapteo took over the overall responsibility for the project

Tuomo Hakala, a planner at Kangasala’s technical services involved in the project, says that they ordered a turnkey package from Adapteo. Adapteo therefore assumed overall responsibility for the project, ranging from construction to applying for a building permit.

We set a pretty tight schedule for the project and Adapteo managed to adhere to it. Thanks to Adapteo for that, says Marjo Tiilikka.

The users praise the tidy and practical premises. According to Marjo Tiilikka, Director of the early childhood education unit of Tursola, the 5-year-old users have liked their new facilities. She says that the facilities are bigger than before, which everyone has been excited about. Thanks to the larger facilities, activities can be raised to a new level.

The facilities are practical and eminently suited for their purpose. Cooperation with Adapteo was smooth and they really listened to our wishes.

- Marjo Tiilikka, Deputy Director of The Early Childhood Education Unit, Kangasala