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Pupils and teachers were positively surprised in Leknes

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A planned expansion of the school in Leknes, Norway, generated a need for a temporary solution for pupils and teachers. After designing and negotiating, the job was awarded to Adapteo.

Many people have a pre-defined opinion of what a modular building looks like, so when they hear the term, most people think of construction barracks. The Vest-Lofoten Upper Secondary School is a good example of how far this is from the truth.

Everybody feels comfortable in the new school building

The most important goal for Adapteo is to create spaces, where people feel comfortable and inspired.

In addition to regular class rooms, Vest-Lofoten Upper Secondary School has a peaceful library for the pupils and well-planned offices and conference rooms for the school staff.
The pupils say that it is much better than what they had expected. All employees and students who are asked say they feel very comfortable here.
- Arne Lund, General manager at the school.

At Vest-Lofoten Upper Secondary School, the goal was reached and the school can continue its daily routines and work.