Customer Stories

Temporary school facilities for Kildevældskolen in Copenhagen

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Kildevældskolen, a school in the City of Copenhagen, needed new space for some of the school’s pupils due to a renovation in the old school building. They contacted Adapteo for a solution to the problem.

The solution was Adapteo’s modular school building constructed in the schoolyard, in front of the old school building. The new school building consists of four large classrooms with cloakrooms. Inside, the classrooms are just like in any other school building, and the lessons are held there just like before.

Adapteo’s modular solutions give you the same quality and convenience as in a permanent building – with the freedom to adapt the amount of space to your needs. The modular solution is ideal for schools, institutions, offices, residential units and any situation that requires top priority to be given to both comfort and function.

A comfortable indoor climate is maintained with effective central ventilation with heat recovery (up to 80%), with the option to purchase refrigeration.