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The dental clinic in Eno could continue in the village

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Due to indoor air problems, the dental clinic in Eno, a village in Joensuu, could no longer continue in its old premises. There was a real risk for termination and relocation further away from the service.

Scaling up existing facilities was an easy way to get more space to fit the clinic.

The village of Eno had prior experience using adaptable buildings. When the need for a clinic arose, the municipality was in the process of procuring new facilities for the local school. A decision was made to include a dental clinic, with adaptable facilities designed for different purposes, to create a complex of municipal services—a complete service block—on a single site.

The residents have been pleased that the service will continue to be maintained in their own vicinity. Without the current solution, there would have been a risk that dental services in Eno would have ceased.

- Antti Turunen, Developer, Joensuu City, Tilakeskus

The combination of premises effortlessly brought synergies when the new facilities were connected to building services of the school building. This made setting up the dental clinic faster and less expensive.

The flexibility of adaptable buildings proved its worth at the dental clinic in Eno

Antti Turunen says that adaptable buildings may become increasingly popular as healthcare facilities in the future.

On the one hand, the modular concept provide flexibility – a solution to a sudden need for space can be implemented in just a few months. And, on the other hand, it is easy to get rid of any redundant facilities.

However, the City of Joensuu did find a solution, and the service remained. The school, already operating in adaptable buildings from Adapteo, was extended, to accommodate the dental clinic.

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