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Transformed and repurposed educational buildings in Offenbach, Germany

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In the German city of Offenbach, an adaptable daycare centre was needed due to an extensive renovation. Adapteo provided an adaptable building, which further became the next solution the city needed, by redesigning it to fit their upcoming needs.

The first need for Offenbach was a quick solution for a daycare centre, where Adapteo delivered 660 square metres at speed. Over time, the adaptable solution helped the city of Offenbach to reduce their costs for grounding, electricity and water supply by using the same placement and parts of the same building twice.

Today daycare, tomorrow school

During the first rental period, the need for the city changed from a daycare centre to a high-school building. The very same adaptable building is soon to be redesigned by disassembling the second floor and turning the groundfloor in to four big classrooms, meeting the demands of a pedagogical area for older children.

– These remodelling and repurposing opportunities are vital in the building of our future societies. Due to the high flexibility in our building solutions, we can deliver suitable solutions for sustainable building concepts at any time and in any place, says Jukka Hult, Managing Director at Adapteo Germany.

In addition to the circular business model, the buildings also have a system for energy efficiency with a digital control system, making the heating easy to adjust to the season, weekends and holidays. Naturally, all school buildings are easily accessible with ramps.

The city’s needs changes over time, and adaptable buildings with the possibility to easily repurpose the space helps us optimise our building stock

Hans Birli, HY/ARCHITEKTEN on behalf of the city of Offenbach