Modular space can be utilized in both health and elderly care. A municipality might find itself in a situation, where there’s an urgent need for extra capacity in elderly care. Or, it might need a completely new healthcare centre but without any certainty of future needs, and whether they still need it in ten years’ time. In these scenarios, modular healthcare centres are the perfect solution.

All Adapteo’s modular buildings for healthcare can be equipped just like permanent buildings. Our buildings are safe, healthy and welcoming. They are always rented on your terms, for as long as you need.

Healthcare centres

We create functional, attractive and safe spaces for healthcare centres. With our long experience in design, we make sure that all aspects of a well-functioning healthcare centre are taken into consideration. Modular healthcare centres can have all the same furniture and equipment as traditional, permanent ones.

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Elderly care

In elderly care, there can be a need for very different types of spaces ranging from normal apartments to nursing homes. Our modular spaces can be adapted to all kinds of needs, providing safe, cosy and comfortable living facilities for independently living elderly people or for those in need of more extensive care.

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We have made the process of acquiring extra space as easy and straightforward as possible. We help you navigate your various choices, making sure you always have exactly what you need, when and where you need it. By contacting us, we will help you to take the first step in getting the space that you need.