Modular space supports growth at Sandvik


At Sandvik in Svedala, they cherish their old listed buildings, but have also invested in NOVA modules in order to bring the administration for the production department closer together. The aim was to achieve better workflow and enhance staff comfort and well-being.

Property manager Per-Olow Karlsson is very pleased with the overhaul provided by the NOVA system:

“These facilities are of very high quality. Because they can be customised to such a great extent, they automatically create inclusion in the workday, which boosts communication.”

The area is bright and open, and a flowerbed has been dug out along the exterior in which colourful flowers are planted and provide wonderful contrast to the plain black NOVA modules.

Adapteo’s project manager adds:

“NOVA is something special, and it’s the clear choice for when you really want to your staff to have the very best. Whether your workforce is increasing or being reduced, or if you are undergoing other changes, you can always make adjustments to retain the high standard and comfort. The tenant steers and we follow.”

Per-Olow Karlsson adds:

“A lot would have to happen before we would relocate any functions from these facilities. We are very proud of our old buildings, but, since there is a limit to how much they can be adapted to prevailing needs, we had problems with closed doors and poor flow. Thanks to meticulous planning, we are able fully utilise NOVA, which has optimised coordination and resulted in more natural meetings. And if we need to expand, an additional floor can be built onto one of the wings.”

He concludes:

“Sandvik has consistently adapted production to market needs, which in itself is a recipe for success. This principle certainly works just as well when applied to the way we plan internally.”

Per-Olow Karlsson
Property manager, Sandvik

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