Adapteo helps Tanum grow

Tanum’s municipality is growing, and a growing amount of inhabitants means an increasing need for different services within welfare. Thanks to a collaboration with Adapteo, Tanum can now offer five new departments at two daycare centres, to ensure that Tanum can continue growing and providing a good quality of life for its inhabitants.

“From an environmental perspective, it’s great that Adapteo offers a solution that can be reused, over and over again.”

– Pär Nyström, project manager and project engineer at Tanum Municipality

When the daycare children in Tanum municipality returned after the summer, they were met by two completely new daycare centers. One in Rabbahaldshede and one in Fjällbacka. The solution consists of adaptable buildings from Adapteo and will meet the municipality’s needs until new, permanent daycare centres have been built. 

From an environmental perspective, it’s great that Adapteo offers a solution that can be reused, over and over again.” – Pär Nyström, project manager and project engineer at Tanum Municipality 

The newly built daycare centres are based on Adapteo’s standard solutions, which have then been adapted to meet the daycare centre’s specific needs. Among other things, canopies and pram parking have been added. Children and staff have recently returned and are now getting to know their new premises, which were completed during the summer holidays. Pär Nyström describes the first impressions as very positive. 

Throughout the process, everything has worked very well. Adapteo has been attentive and responsive to our needs. We are also grateful that we found a supplier with the capacity to work on two different projects at the same time.

The municipality of Tanum can now continue with building the new permanent daycare centres, confident in the knowledge that in the meantime, they have a functioning solution. It also adds security to know that there is a well-working existing solution to the possible challenges of the future, in the form of suitable premises that can adapt to changing needs 


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