Adapteo’s event solutions presented in Berlin


Adapteo’s modular building solutions can currently be found presenting attractive and high-end living space in Charlottenburg, just outside of Berlin. A showroom called “Am Schlosspark” is being built at Schlosspark, Charlottenburg, and Adapteo is a partner for the project providing modular buildings for the entire showroom.

The multi-storey showroom presents modern accommodation solutions for interested investors and future homeowners. The first construction phase of new apartments in the showroom has already been completed.

Explore different interior design options in real-life environment

“Am Schlosspark” is open to all interested homebuyers to explore the interior materials and household equipment available for new apartments. To make the choice of interior design easier, various options for materials and designs are displayed on site.

You can explore different bathrooms and kitchens with modern equipment on several floors. You can also see a selection of flooring materials from parquet and floor tiles to carpet installed in a real environment.

Exclusive apartment features

The three-storey showroom is rented out for two years at Schlosspark. The showroom consists of different indoor modules, staircase modules and terrace modules. Inside the showroom building, you’ll find exclusive apartment features such as floor-to-ceiling windows, that are shaded with blinds, and air conditioning, that ensures a pleasant indoor climate all year round.

Visitors will also have a great view of the surroundings and progress of the new buildings from a third-floor terrace.

The showroom is realized by Adapteo Germany’s product line Adapteo Event that provides various services to concepting and designing showrooms. The full-service realizations for showrooms include planning, customization, assembly, maintenance and disassembly.