New and safe school premises for Nurmijärvi School

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In autumn 2017, two large Adapteo buildings were delivered to the Nurmijärvi Yhteiskoulu School, which is currently under renovation. A separate classroom designed to maintain clean indoor air was established in the facilities. Experiences after one year confirm that the unique solution is well suited for people who are severely sensitized. The students and the staff of Nurmijärvi Yhteiskoulu have battled with poor indoor air quality and vague symptoms for years. The indoor air quality investigation completed at the end of 2016 confirmed the need to start an extensive renovation in the permanent buildings and to urgently transfer the students and the staff to temporary facilities.

Adapteo was selected to supply the facilities due to their competitive prices and the ability to deliver facilities that meet the special requirements.

Separate classroom for highly sensitized pupils

A separate classroom that reaches the S1 classification for indoor air quality was established in the modular facilities. The chemical load in the classroom is restricted and the efficient and silent air conditioning – which the user can adjust depending on situation – keeps the air quality excellent and the temperature comfortable throughout the year. In addition, the construction materials meet the M1 requirements for indoor air concerning chemical emissions.

Thanks to the classroom with exceptionally clean indoor air, students that have suffered difficult symptoms can continue to study with a teacher instead of home schooling.