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When the popular racket sport padel met premium, a success concept emerged

This became apparent when Padel Royale opened the doors to the padel plant in Bromma, Stockholm, for the first time in the autumn of 2021.

“We have taken our padel hall to the next level. In addition to having fantastic courses with a ceiling height of twelve meters, we also run a bistro with full rights. Basically, we are fully booked every day”

– Jonas Gadhasson, Hallmanager at Padel Royale.  


How do you build a padel hall – but quite the opposite? At Padel Royale in Bromma, the answer is found. Here the visitor enters an era of La Belle Epoque, Art Decco and decadence. But the exterior design has been adapted to blend into the area and therefore does not tell about the building’s interior. It gives the visitor the feeling of travelling back in time, to 1930s Paris.

However, the décor is not the only distinctive feature of Padel Royale. There is also a bistro with a French bistro menu and full rights as part of the “opposite-if” concept, and the restaurant helps to fulfil the vision of Radel Royale as a  meeting place. Although Bromma’s geographical position also sees Jonas Gadhasson, Hall Manager at Padel Royale, as a contributor, it is easy to get to and from the padel plant – both collectively and by car.


“So far, we have only heard positive feedback from visitors! We hold After Work in the bistro every Friday and at least one major event a week,” says Jonas Gadhasson, Hall Manager at Padel Royale.


The French bistro and the resort’s dressing room, lounge, and built-in sauna are located in flexible Adapteo buildings. A first consideration when the plant was built was to build everything from scratch. However, a flexible solution proved to be the best function, speed and economy.  The facility has since been docked with the business’s padel courts and shop.

“Going forward, the aim is to expand the number of events and, as always, to work on the details to maintain Padel Royale’s premium standard. “concludes Jonas Gadhasson.


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