Modular school for Vemmedrupskolen

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Vemmedrupskolen in Køge used to have problems with a bad case of mould, which is why they decided to contact Adapteo. The students are now enjoying a new modular school located on the old playing field of Vemmedrupskole.

The new school is made up of a total of 42 C40 modules and 29 C90 modules. The C90 system meets high international standards. It is characterised by modern design, where function, working environment and energy consumption have been the controlling elements of the development work. C90 is suitable for both schools and institutions, as well as offices and residential premises. A comfortable indoor climate is maintained with effective central ventilation with heat recovery and an additional option to purchase cooling.

I would say that I am impressed, to put it mildly, with what you can achieve with pavilions. To be honest, we have to say that the phrase “pavilion school” sounds worse than it is. I am positively surprised by the result.

Mads Andersen (K) for
Chairman of the School Committee