Winter is coming – how to secure your modular building

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Winter, cold and snow are sneaking up on us in most places in northern Europe. That means it’s time to make sure your modular building is ready for a cozy and secure winter. Here are four recommendations from Adapteo: 

Air quality and ventilation

To avoid unnecessary energy costs - make sure to change your air filters before winter. By doing that, you will optimize your ventilation efficiency and keep the air clean and the costs reasonable.


If you have a staircase or doorsteps outside your building - be extra careful with slippery icing, and also outside (and inside) entrances where the temperature often rises. No one wants so spend the holidays in a cast… Salt often does the work, but unfortunately it is not an environmentally friendly option as it hurts vegetation, animals and causes rust. Make sure to use doormats, gravel, sand - or even beautiful fir branches or twigs. Always make sure to have a broom and a shovel near the main entrance for keeping the ways clear and secure.


This November, the Nordic countries had half as many sun-hours as an “ordinary” November. No wonder you can feel a bit tired during the afternoons. Think about the lighting in your building to optimize both productivity, energy and winter coziness. Maybe it is the right time to invest in new daylight-LED:s?

Fire protection

December 1st is a great date to annually make sure your fire alarms, smoke detectors and sprinklers are in good shape (both sound, batteries and technical products). Double check that there are fire extinguishers and fire blankets easily reachable in the building - and not in a storage somewhere. Also make sure that your christmas decorations are made of fire-proof materials. 

Have a lovely winter!