Adapteo enters a new framework agreement for school buildings with Oslo municipality

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Adapteo has entered into a new framework agreement with the City of Oslo for the delivery of adaptable school buildings in the entire Oslo region until 2022. The framework agreement with the public company Undervisningsbygg Oslo KF starts in August 2020 and extends over two years with an option of a two-year extension. Adapteo is one of four suppliers that have received a new framework agreement for flexible school buildings.

– We are very proud to be part of this new framework agreement and to be a supplier of high-quality buildings for such an important societal function as the entire Oslo region's schools. Flexible buildings with important pedagogical qualities, good acoustics and a good working environment for teachers make an important difference”, says Hugo Oftedal, Managing Director, at Adapteo Norway.

Oslo Municipality will expand the number of existing schools, renovate older buildings and build new schools to meet the growing population. This increases the need for flexible, adaptable buildings until 2022. The framework agreement Oslo Municipality has made with Adapteo makes the procurement process efficient and predictable.

- Undervisningsbygg develops and manages schools and other properties related to education in Oslo municipality and delivers qualitative and sustainable school buildings. We have high expectations and have a strict set of requirements for our suppliers. Adapteo has met all of our needs,”

says Magnus Wien Klæboe, section leader in Undervisningsbygg.