Adaptable buildings from Adapteo

Serving short-term and long-term needs in the public and private sector

Adaptable buildings are prefabricated modular buildings that have functionality and quality matching on-site buildings. They can be used to serve both short-term and long-term needs and are offered to several segments including schools, daycare, offices, and other premises in the private and public sectors.

Social infrastructure designed for well-being

The public sector is our main segment and includes municipalities, regions, government authorities, public institutions, and other public entities. A large share of the rental and sales market comprises customers related to social infrastructures such as schools, daycare centres, and elderly care facilities. Our social infrastructure buildings are always developed with the end-users needs in focus, and we put great effort into creating modern spaces for development, learning, and playing.

The high share of public sector customers drives the market’s resilience over time. This means that we are more dependent on government budget decisions, regional population development, and renovation needs than the general economic condition.


Modern and open office spaces

We also offer modern offices with a variety of layouts. From wide, bright, and open space with all employees sharing the same space, to each employee having their own private office by the corridor. Adapteo’s offices have ideal indoor conditions regarding, for example, air conditioning, heating, lighting, and sound environment.

Why choose Adapteo?


Being adaptable is a natural built-in concept within all our solutions.

Tailor-made layout

Whether it is for a few days or permanently – you choose what suits you best.

Financial freedom

We think you deserve the best. That is why we only deliver premium quality.

Want to learn more about adaptable buildings?

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information or any guidance on your needs. We will find the ideal solution for your specific building’s needs