Sustainability Policies

We believe responsible and ethical business conduct is an integral part of our everyday operations

Our Code of Conduct embodies our core values and principles, serving as a compass for upholding ethical standards in our daily operations. At Adapteo, we are committed to combatting corruption, fostering fair competition, and preventing money laundering. Additionally, we maintain a zero-tolerance policy against discrimination and harassment, while safeguarding the right to collective bargaining. Central to our ethos are environmental protection and the maintenance of rigorous health and safety standards.

Structured into three key areas—compliance with laws and policies, promoting a positive work environment, and fulfilling our responsibilities as a corporate citizen—the Code ensures comprehensive guidance. We systematically share and embed these principles throughout our organization, providing training to all employees on Adapteo's values and corporate culture.

We've also established a whistleblowing channel, empowering both employees and external parties to report any suspicions of misconduct promptly and confidentially.



Adapteo’s whistleblowing channel

A whistleblowing channel provides a way for all Adapteo employees, business partners, suppliers, and other external parties to report suspicions of misconduct. It can be used to report a concern about something that is not in line with Adapteo’s values ​​and ethical code, and that may seriously affect Adapteo’s organization or a person’s life or health.