Making a difference now and for the future

At Adapteo, we value the environment and do our share to preserve it. By building energy-efficient buildings and making sure that our own production has a controlled environmental footprint, we contribute to making sure that there will be space to grow, build and develop in the future.

Energy-efficient buildings

Where we can really make a difference, is in building energy-efficient spaces. This means that our modular buildings consume as little energy as possible. Through good insulation, air-tight windows and doors, as well as by using low-energy heating systems such as heat pumps and district heating, we ensure our solutions’ energy-efficiency.

Building with wood

Some of our modules are built mainly or almost completely from wood. This lowers the carbon footprint of the modules. In addition, emissions during the construction of wooden modules are lower.

Saving electricity

There are several ways to save electricity when using modular buildings. We have made saving easy, and in our newest modules, the energy-saving led-lighting is controlled by motion tracking sensors which automatically turn off lights if nobody is using the room. In addition, we only use high-quality, energy-efficient ventilation systems.

Adapteo builds to rent

Renting a building is a model example of today’s circular economy. When renting, you make sure that the building you no longer need, gets a new lease of life somewhere else. The lifespan of each module is approximately 20 years, meaning they can be rented up to five different times, and each time serve as a new building.

Constructing and demolishing permanent buildings has always had a significant environmental impact, but with modular buildings, the impact is far less.

Compensating for the climate

In addition to making sure that we conduct our business as ecologically as our buildings are constructed, at Adapteo we compensate for the CO2-emissions that we caused. One example of our climate compensation projects has been planting 5 000 trees in Kenya. The Kenya Agricultural Carbon project aims to create new carbon sinks and help the local farmers grow better crops, and ultimately earning a better living through farming.

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