Sustainability at Adapteo

Now and for the future

Sustainability is at the core of our business at Adapteo; we incorporate sustainability aspects in our strategic planning, design, and operations. Our ambition is to become one of the most sustainable companies in the industry and take lead in our field.  


Sustainability reporting

Key sustainability milestones of 2021

  • Defined and released sustainability targets to 2030
  • Developed a roadmap with milestone targets and KPIs
  • Improved data quality and baselines
  • Launch of the sustainability playbook
  • Improved processes for sustainable sourcing
  • Collaboration and sustainability activities performed by sustainability council members

Towards a more sustainable industry

The construction and real estate industry today stands for 39% of global emissions according to the World Green Building Council. But that can be changed; approximately 80 percent of emissions from construction and renovation of buildings can be saved with more circular solutions according to the EU Circular Economy Action Plan. Such a transition is necessary if we are to meet the Paris agreement, limit global warming to well below 2°C and stop climate change. 

Creating value in society 

Adapteo creates value in society by providing space for essential functions such as schools, daycares, elderly cares, offices, and accommodation. Our buildings offer excellent indoor climates with an advanced technique for ventilation and heating that create an environment optimized for user needs. As shown in our user evaluation surveys, teachers and students enjoy the learning environment in our school buildings. 

With flexible and adaptable solutions, we meet our customer’s needs, and with our circular business model, we do it in a climate-smart way saving resources and reducing waste. 

Contributing to the circular economy

Our buildings are used again and again, creating a circular flow with minimized waste. With flexible and adaptable solutions Adapteo can meet customer needs with existing modular building units that are refurbished and rented out over and over. With our industrial building technique, we limit manufacturing waste and work to increase the use of recycled and reused materials and components in our new production and refurbishments. Designing for long use and more circular flows is one of the pillars in our sustainability work, and we encourage innovation for sustainability in our company.  

This is how it works

1. Product development

We design for circularity with sustainable construction materials and cleantech solutions. We collaborate with our suppliers to constantly improve sustainability of materials and operations.

2. Production

Adapteo’s industrial production technique increases productivity while minimizing building damp and left over materials. We, and our long-term external suppliers, only order the amount of materials that we need, limiting waste.

3. Planning

We analyseneeds and design the optimal solution together with our customer. Cooperation is key in finding the right quality features, environmental performance and support.

4. Delivery

We strive for resource efficiency in site preparations, such as water use, electricity and foundation works. We aim for the most environmentally smart transport to and from project sites. We have a zero-accident policy inour operations.

5. Building utilisation

Our design and added cleantech solutions enable our users to be energy efficient and minimize their carbon footprint.

6. Reuse

We carefully disassemble and refurbish our buildings to ensure effective re-use and lifetime maximization of our building units. Materials and interior is reused or sold.

7. Upcycling

When a building unit has reached the end of its rental lifecycle, the building is either sold or donated to serve another purpose.

Research based approach 

Our actions towards a more sustainable industry are based on research and knowledge. At Adapteo we work together with researchers to understand what we can do to reduce negative environmental impact and make the most from the resources we use. We do climate calculations on our material flows, measure our waste and the CO2 emissions from our operations. Lifecycle assessment is a key tool to understand the entire impact of our buildings and work to reduce it. With a flexible and knowledge-based approach, we constantly develop our sustainability work to ensure we adapt to a changing landscape.  

Energy efficient buildings  

We enable our customers to minimize the climate impact from the use of our buildings while at the same time maximizing the value from using them. That’s what we call sustainable buildings. By offering sustainable solutions, our energy-efficient buildings can be upgraded with solar panels and smart systems that reduce the user’s energy consumption, thus reducing climate impact. Some of our buildings include sensors that enable us to monitor heating, ventilation and energy use and conduct service when it’s needed instead of according to a service schedule. This way we support our customers in a more climate-smart way. Through dialogue with customers, we ensure that we meet any specific needs and expectations on certifications and eco-labelling in a flexible and adaptable way.  

Resource efficient production

Ensuring a sustainable supply chain is a key priority for Adapteo. By continuously evaluating and working together with suppliers we aim to choose the more sustainable option when it comes to material, transport, and production methods. Our buildings are made from primarily renewable material using sustainably sourced wood as our main material. We use green energy in our operations and aim to increase the share of green transports step by step towards a climate neutral production and transport system. Respecting human rights, labour rights and anti-corruption throughout our value chain is a key priority.  

Inclusive workplace

It is vital that the construction industry takes action to enhance equality and anti-discrimination and work actively to prevent accidents and hazardous situations.  

At Adapteo employee safety and wellbeing is a key priority and we work systematically and actively to ensure a safe workplace. We aim for job satisfaction, commitment, and offer training, and career advancement. 

Adapteo is a firm believer in equal opportunities for employment, and to apply equal rights, obligations, and opportunities regardless of sex, gender identity, gender expression, age, sexual orientation, disability, ethnicity, religion, or other belief for all employees. The work on equality and diversity is conducted in compliance with local laws and in cooperation with employees and labour unions. 

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