Society must go through immense changes in the years to come

Our industry is no exception, and we intend to lead the way with a circular business model, and sustainable buildings as a solution for both societal and the planetary needs.

Our ambition is to become the market leader in circular social infrastructure solutions within the planetary boundaries by a simple guiding principle: minimizing our footprint and maximizing our handprint.

Reinventing the construction industry and pushing it towards circularity

For more than 30 years, we have developed a system where our modular buildings run through seven phases: product development, production, planning, delivery, use phase and reuse. We strive to ensure that nothing is overproduced, and everything is made to circulate and be used over, and over again. When a building has reached its limit of professional lifecycles, we make sure it comes to use and finds a proper purpose for a more permanent afterlife.

By providing buildings that are adaptable and flexible, and with the highest regard to planetary needs, we can enable organizations and societies to become more resilient and sustainable.

Our buildings create social sustainability 

In a fast-paced world, future needs are uncertain and can change fast. Our solutions modular solutions help our customers and societies to plan for and quickly adapt to unexpected needs like population growth, urbanization, increased number of children in school and daycare, a growing elderly population, and renovation needs among an aging building stock. Without compromising on quality. A good indoor environment such as clean air, great light and good acoustics is an absolute necessity, and our buildings create excellent conditions for students, patients, employees, and any other users in need of facilities.

Case studies

As society continues to evolve and demographics shift, predicting needs for social infrastructure has become increasingly challenging. Municipalities and other ...

Adapteo has built a camp to house the more than 1200 workers constructing the Fehmarn Belt tunnel between Denmark and ...

The internationally renowned sustainability ratings provider EcoVadis has awarded Adapteo Group a Gold medal for our commitments and outstanding performance; ...

Sustainability reporting

Key sustainability milestones of 2022

  • Guiding our procurement departments in choosing materials
  • Improved responsible business practices
  • Trainings performed to increase awareness of our sustainability ambitions
  • Conducting Life-Cycle Assessments as a basis for product development
  • Developed 131 new schools, which make 775 schools in total, housing over 6 million classroom hours in 2022
  • Developed a new offer to our customers with value-adding products and services that, for example, can improve energy efficiency
  • Created locally adapted and short-term action plans related to sustainability

This is how it works

1. Product development

We design for circularity, energy and resource efficiency, prioiritising more sustainable materials and smart solutions.

2. Production

The standardised and efficient indoor production of modules ensures high quality, optimal use of resources and minimal waste.

3. Planning

We analyse needs and design adapted solutions together with our customer.

4. Delivery

We strive for low impact in transports and foundation works, as well as efficient assembly.

5. Use phase

Smart solutions enable energy efficient, convenient use for our tenants. Well suited solutions and service ensure quality and longevity.

6. Reuse

We refurbish, upgrade and reuse our modules to maximise the lifespan of materials and interiors.

7. Extended life

At the end of the rental lifecycle, our modules are primarily sold or donated to serve another purpose, or disassembled and recycled.

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