Our view on sustainability

Society must go through immense changes in the years to come. Our industry is no exception, and we intend to lead the way with a circular business model, and sustainable buildings as a solution for both society and the environment. Our ambition is to become one of the most sustainable companies in the industry and take lead in our field.

We are of Nordic origin and have 30 years of experience in a circular construction concept. We provide sustainable buildings that can adapt to the needs of people and the planet including sourcing climate-smart raw materials, resource-efficient production, product innovation, and ethical business practice throughout the whole value chain. That is how we build adaptable solutions for sustainable societies.

Our buildings create social sustainability 

In a fast-paced world, future needs are uncertain and can change fast. Our solutions help our customers and societies to plan for and quickly adapt to unexpected needs like population growth, urbanization, increased number of children in school and daycare, a growing elderly population, and renovation needs among an aging building stock. Without compromising on quality. A good indoor environment is key and our buildings create excellent conditions for students, patients, employees, and any other users in need of facilities.  

Reinventing the construction industry and pushing it towards circularity

Since needs can change, we always think ahead so that our buildings can be transformed, repurposed, scaled up and down.  

“For more than 30 years, we have developed a system where our building modules run through six phases: planning, delivery, building utilization, disassembly, refurbishment, and reuse.. Everything circulates, nothing is overproduced, and everything is made to circulate and ta be used over and over again.

By providing circular buildings that can adapt to people’s needs, with concern for environmental issues, we enable societies to become more resilient and sustainable.“

Sustainability reporting

Key sustainability milestones of 2021

  • Defined and released sustainability targets to 2030
  • Developed a roadmap with milestone targets and KPIs
  • Improved data quality and baselines
  • Launch of the sustainability playbook
  • Improved processes for sustainable sourcing
  • Collaboration and sustainability activities performed by sustainability council members

This is how it works

1. Product development

We design for circularity with sustainable construction materials and cleantech solutions. We collaborate with our suppliers to constantly improve sustainability of materials and operations.

2. Production

Adapteo’s industrial production technique increases productivity while minimizing building damp and left over materials. We, and our long-term external suppliers, only order the amount of materials that we need, limiting waste.

3. Planning

We analyse needs and design the optimal solution together with our customers. Cooperation is key in finding the right quality features, environmental performance and support.

4. Delivery

We strive for resource efficiency in site preparations, such as water use, electricity and foundation works. We aim for the most environmentally smart transport to and from project sites. We have a zero-accident policy inour operations.

5. Building utilisation

Our customer offerings with added cleantech solutions enable our users to be energy efficient and reduce their carbon footprint.

6. Re-use

We carefully disassemble and refurbish our buildings to ensure effective re-use and lifetime maximization of our building units. Materials and interior is reused or sold.

7. Upcycling

When a building unit has reached the end of its rental lifecycle, the building is either sold or donated to serve another purpose.

Want to learn more about adaptable buildings?

Please contact us for more information or any guidance on your  needs. We will find the ideal solution to your specific buildings needs.