Our sustainability policies

Our values ​​and our code of conduct form the basis for all actions in the business. Together, they act as a compass for both employees and business partners. In addition to our own values, our code of conduct is based on the OECD’s guidelines for multinational enterprises and the UN Global Compact, with important principles for human rights, labour, environmental responsibility and anti-corruption. Adapteo participate in the UN Global Compact since 2020.

Code of Conduct

Adapteo’s ambition is to be a responsible and ethical business. Our Code of conduct is based on our values and principles and provides guidance on how we apply our ethical standards in our day-to-day work. The Code of conduct details that Adapteo stands for anti-corruption, fair competition, and anti-money laundering. It also explains Adapteo’s zero tolerance towards discrimination and harassment and the right to collective bargaining. Protecting the environment and high health and safety standards are also central. The Code of conduct is structured in three areas: Complying with laws and policies, creating a good work environment and being a responsible corporate citizen.

The Code of conduct is systematically communicated and anchored throughout the organisation. We train all our employees in Adapteo’s values and corporate culture. A whistleblowing channel provides a way for all employees and external parties to report suspicions of misconduct.

Code of Conduct for Business partners

We work with sustainability in partnership with our suppliers and other stakeholders. It is a priority for us that anti-corruption, protection of human rights and no discrimination are guaranteed not only in our own operations but also throughout our supply chain. Therefore, our Business partner’s code of conduct includes clear statements on these issues, as well as other areas such as environmental protection. We review the endorsement and compliance of the Business partner code of conduct on an annual basis.


In addition to the Code of conduct and Business partner Code of conduct, the following policies are the most important policies for Adapteo’s sustainability work: