Sustainability report 2022

Despite the macroeconomic challenges that 2022 brought, Adapteo has had a  successful business year. We have seen an increased demand for our products and services. As supply chain stoppages and issues have been resolved post-pandemic, we have continuously been able to deliver to our customers on time and with satisfying results.

Read our full sustainability report for 2022 including the trends in the construction and real estate industry and our strategy and progress during 2022.

Previous reports

When we launched our new brand in 2019, we also started Adapteo’s sustainability journey. A sustainable construction and real estate industry is vital for the creation of sustainable societies.

2020 was a key year for our sustainability journey. We launched an ambitious sustainability strategy that helped the company lead the transition to a sustainable construction and real estate industry.

In the sustainability report for 2021, we follow up on our sustainability strategy and efforts, showcase our activities, and highlight how we want to continue to improve our sustainability work.

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