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Three days*, that’s all it takes to install an adaptable building for pop-up vaccination

The advantages of our adaptable buildings for pop-up vaccination include:

  • Can be installed in just few days
  • Can be placed in any location
  • Designed for safe patient flow
  • Good work environment for healthcare personnel
  • Good accessibility for everyone
  • Can be re-used in a new location
  • Equipped for cold storage of vaccine

*Conditions for installation within three days

Installation within three days is subject to building permission approval and that the order is for standard modules of max 70 m2, and that Adapteo has modular building solutions in stock, as strong demand can affect delivery times. Power and water connections should be available and ready for simple connection.

Our pop-up solution is a rapid and conscientious way of enabling countrywide mass vaccination.

Danish test centre ready in three days

Adapteo recently installed “TestCenter Danmark Vest” in Skejby, west Denmark on behalf of the Danish Serum Institute. The installation consists of 50 modular units built together with a total area of 1,500 m2. The entire centre was installed in just three days and is now ready to use. This clearly demonstrates that Adapteo can help lighten the load on healthcare under difficult circumstances.

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