Adapteo releases sustainability report highlighting commitment to adaptable and circular social infrastructure

Adapteo Group, a leading provider of adaptable social infrastructure across Europe, has released its latest sustainability report, showcasing its ongoing efforts to tackle environmental challenges through the use of flexible and reusable building solutions.

The need for adaptable buildings is growing across Europe, as demographic and city planning challenges increase the demand for flexible and reusable social infrastructure, such as education, healthcare, childcare and elderly care. The construction industry generates 40 percent of the global carbon footprint and two-fifths of all waste, making it essential to consider adaptable building solutions to reduce environmental impact.

Adapteo is leading the way, providing adaptable and reusable social infrastructure across Europe, including 775 schools, 377 daycare centres, and 71 hospitals. In total, the company provides 1.4 million square meters of space for learning, care and accommodation. Widespread use of flexible buildings with zero groundwork would drastically reduce the construction industry's carbon footprint.

“Sustainability can't be an add-on, it has to be at the core of the business model. I believe the only way to tackle the climate crisis and meet the EU's Circular Economy Action Plan is to rethink city planning and bring flexibility and circularity to the forefront”, said Lina K Wiles, Chief Sustainability Officer at Adapteo.

Adapteo's latest sustainability report highlights the company's commitment to sustainability, as well as its ongoing efforts to reduce its environmental impact with adaptable and reusable building solutions.

Key highlights in the 2022 report:

  • Adapteo developed 131 new schools, making a total number of 775 schools across the group. Adapteo's schools housed over 6 million educational hours in one year.
  • Adapteo launched new and improved customer offerings, such as solar panels and other energy-efficiency measures that will enable customers to reduce their energy consumption.
  • Adapteo developed a new material guide, simplifying choosing sustainable building materials.

For more information on Adapteo's sustainability initiatives, visit the company's website

Read Adapteo Sustainability Report 2022 here.

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Erika Regnér,  PR & Communications Manager, Adapteo Group, ,+46 73 841 81 02 

Adapteo in brief

Adapteo is the leading adaptable space partner in Northern Europe. We develop, build, rent out and sell adaptable buildings for schools, daycares, care centres, offices, and accommodation. With our modular and circular building solutions, our customers can transform, repurpose, scale up and scale down based on their changing needs. That is how we build adaptable and sustainable societies. Adapteo has a building portfolio of 1.4 million square metres and operates in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and Lithuania. A majority of our revenues is generated by rental contracts from the public sector. 

Adapteo Sustainability Report 2022