Working at Adapteo

At Adapteo, we firmly believe the future is adaptable. We are 538 individuals from all walks of life and with a wide span of competence, working together with three core values always in mind: Proactive – Collaborative – Committed. These key behaviours guide us in building schools, daycares, care centres, offices and accommodations where people can grow and feel well. Join us to become a part of building adaptable and circular solutions for sustainable societies.

Why we exist

Our solutions cover the needs of people throughout the entire lifecycle, from children at daycare and people in the middle of their careers to the elderly. With our circular business model, we contribute to a well-functioning and adaptable society. And by being aware of everything we do – from climate-smart choices to taking social responsibility – we help create a safe and sustainable future.

Our culture and how we work

Working at Adapteo

At Adapteo, you will operate in an international environment with the full support of our experience, size and innovative power. You will engage in a variety of projects, often at the same time, and see fast results. We work at a rapid pace and are always open to new ideas. We look forward to you helping us succeed in an ever-changing world where unexpected events require new, smart, and quick solutions.

Growing together 

We are committed to our work and united by the will to exceed our customers’ expectations. By supporting each other and sharing ideas and expertise, we’re building a collaborative and always learning culture. It’s an environment where everyone is heard and where you can influence your work-life while contributing to the success of our business.

A solid company with an entrepreneurial DNA

 We have a great starting point to take the lead in an emerging market. Being a well-established company gives us extra strength, and our entrepreneurial spirit gives us the courage to be innovative and to find the best ways through trial and error. Always with the customer’s best interest in mind.

The power of flexibility

Flexibility is more than just the core of our business idea. It’s how we act in every step of our work, trying to see what lies ahead and adapting to our customer’s needs and the world around us. We thrive in our flexible work environment, where everyone empowers each other to do their very best.

Do you want to join our journey?

We are about 500 people in the organization who work in different ways to create value in our society and for future generations. We all have different competencies, interests, experiences, qualities, talents, skills and personalities.