School buildings

Safe and functional buildings for learning

The world has changed and so have the schools. Nowadays, schools are facing many different expectations and challenges. And many of these are related to the school buildings. For Adapteo, adaptable school facilities are not just units piled on top of each other but the fulfilment of our vision of a modern school where the school building meets the requirements of today’s learning methods.

If I could build a school, it would have…

To put our adaptability to the test we let 6-year-old Emma design a school just the way she wanted. Our adaptable buildings can change size and shape in any way the situation calls for and we are always open to new ideas and mindsets. Making sure that whatever the future might bring, we will adapt to it.

Flexible way of getting optimal space

Our adaptable school buildings offer a cost-effective, low-maintenance and quick solution when in need of a school or extra class rooms. Adapteo can offer school facilities for a few days or indefinitely. Our buildings are based on a modular and circular building technique and can be adapted if your needs change. Whether you need to expand, renovate, move, or for something else, adaptable buildings for schools provide the right functions – on your terms.

Adapteo’s school facilities support modern learning

In these days, the pupils don’t spend their whole day sitting in front of the same desk, in the same classroom, with the same teacher. The changes in the way of teaching and learning have created a need for more functional and adaptable spaces that support pupils’ active participation. Adapteo’s school facilities can be built just the way that is the optimal way for your school!

The health of pupils and staff always comes first

The number one priority in Adapteo’s school facilities is the healthiness and safety of the premises. All the indoor conditions are set to the ideal level according to the authorities’ recommendations, for example in air conditioning and heating.

In addition, the buildings meet all the latest building regulations, and they can be built accessible and barrier-free.

Open areas or separate classrooms

The school building can be built up to three stories high with an elevator. The building units can be arranged in different shapes, for example to create an L-shaped building. Inside the building, you can have separate classrooms, smaller rooms for collaboration, completely open space or open areas divided with furniture. It’s up to you, what your school needs!

Classrooms for special subjects and other school facilities

Chemistry class

Music class

Sport hall

Cooking class

Home economics facilities

Craft facilities

Kitchen and dining facilities

Locker rooms

Want to learn more about adaptable buildings?

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