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We offer different products and services when choosing a building from Adapteo. Learn about our most common packages and how we can support you.

We offer more than just a building

Our buildings are designed with your needs in mind. We understand that a building is not just a physical structure, it is also a space for growing, living, working, and creating memories. That is why we pay attention to every detail, from the layout and functionality to the materials and finishing touches. When choosing a building from Adapteo, we can offer a range of essential products and services to make your everyday life easier.

Our most common products and services

Solar panels

By choosing solar panels, you contribute to a lower carbon footprint. During the entire rental period, you produce your own electricity and also have the opportunity to sell the surplus.

Adapteo takes care of everything related to preliminary and final notification, dialogue with network owners, assembly and installation with a qualified electrician.

Education and office equipment


This option contains basic equipment for your premises to be used in an office or other learning environment from day one and includes, among other things, a whiteboard, projector screen and cabling.



Making an additional choice of furnitures is a simple and economical solution regardless of the business. A comfortable and smartly furnished workplace makes us more efficient in our work. With a focus on ergonomics and well-thought-out solutions, employees get the right conditions to perform well.

Kitchen and professional kitchen

Adapteo offers a set of professional kitchens that can be added to different businesses. The kitchens are manufactured by well-known brands and suppliers to ensure good quality and safety. Our kitchens are developed in collaboration with experienced kitchen partners and our customers.


There are many different types of work that need to be done depending on what the ground looks like and where the building will stand. When you leave the groundwork to us –  it includes, among other things, evaluation of ground conditions, excavation, stabilization of the foundation and preparation for electricity, water and sewage.


The outdoor environment is an important part of social interaction, well-being or play and can be seen as an extension of your business. We offer various options for outdoor environments and adapt to surface area, budget, business and needs.

Damage waiver

By adding a damage waiver to your contract, you avoid the risk of having to pay an unpredictable amount for abnormal wear and tear at the end of your rental. Instead, you pay a fixed cost every month and thus get better control over your costs.


Regardless of catering in the form of lunch for your employees or serving some or all of the day’s meals to residents, it enables convenience for those who get to take part in the option. We deliver healthy, tasty and sustainable food that is adapted to needs.

Facility Management

Regular cleaning? Extra cleaning? Help with refilling consumables? Other? Regardless of your needs, you can free up time by adding our Facility Management services and at the same time ensure a clean and pleasant environment.

Safety & security

A prerequisite for a fire and safety-classified building is to ensure that the right equipment is in place. With this option, we secure equipment for detection, extinguishing, evacuation, ventilation and documentation.


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