Our offering

Space as a service

The ideal setup differs from customer to customer. That is why we offer different purchasing solutions so that you can commit to the level you are comfortable with: renting, leasing, or owning.

Unsure about which path is best for you at this moment? Explore each option below. If you’re still uncertain or have any questions, remember, our team is here to offer help and support.

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Renting solutions

Immediate space, flexible capital

Need extra space on a temporary basis? Renting an adaptable space from Adapteo offers a swift solution, bypassing the lengthy process of constructing a permanent building. By avoiding heavy upfront investments in permanent structures, you free up capital for your core ventures. Plus, with minimized cost-risk implications, you can proceed with confidence.


Leasing solutions

Flexibility for the future

Predicting future needs is tough, especially over a decade. With Adapteo's leasing options, you can sidestep the financial risk of investing in new premises. Our modules offer portability and flexibility, allowing for operational leasing instead of outright purchase. Lease durations range from three to ten years, providing the flexibility to purchase, extend, or terminate the agreement as needed.

Ownership solutions

Swift assembly, enduring flexibility

Own your space with ease. Adapteo's prefabricated modules are swiftly assembled, thanks to our efficient construction methods. By constructing indoors with minimal disruptions, we drastically reduce on-site construction time, minimizing operational interruptions. Plus, our adaptable designs ensure the perfect fit for your needs. And should your requirements change, our buildings offer the flexibility to relocate as needed.

Why choose Adapteo?

Rental period


Flexibility is the foundation of our concept and prepares you for change.
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Tailor-made setup

Whether for a few months or indefinitely - you choose what suits you best.

Highest quality

We think you deserve the very best. That is why we only deliver the highest quality.